Dr. Patricia Frell Moransais PsyD.

Here & Now Therapy

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Traditional Psychotherapy

Practical, caring, effective
"Here and Now Therapy"
for adults, couples and families.


Remarkably effective short term therapy which quickly and safely resolves many issues.

Support Groups

Members who share similar issues, support each other and together with the therapist explore new ways of dealing with their particular problem.


Dr. Patricia Frell Moransais PsyD. M.S. R.N.

(My patients call me Patsy.)

I will give you the tools to change your world.

My philosophy is practical and straightforward
with an emphasis on personal responsibility.
My approach is caring and supportive, but firm and result oriented.

Here & Now Therapy

Here and now therapy focuses on the issues at hand, their investigation, understanding and resolution.
It is, at times, necessary to go back in history and life experience in order to understand current thoughts, attitudes and behaviors.
The goal however is always to find practical solutions and promote change that leads to a fuller and happier life.

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness
and just be happy.
~ Guillaume Apollinaire ~

Together, we will bring positive change to your life not just because of my knowledge or my experience but because of a bond that we will create together, a bond of care and respect, of truth, acceptance and responsibility, a relationship that will help us travel towards healing, growth and a better, happier life.

Getting Started

The very best way to get started is to initiate a personal contact!

Call me at any time: (954) 757 7564.
We will discuss your issues and I will answer any question you may have. This is free.
Leave a short message on my voice mail system. Let me know when I can best reach you. I will be notified and I will promptly return your call when we have enough time to talk.
The Contact Me page offers additional ways to get in touch with me.

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