My name is Dr. Patricia Frell Moransais PsyD. M.S. R.N. NBCCH.

I am a psychologist and a nurse. My patients call me Patsy.


My philosophy is practical and straightforward with an emphasis on personal responsibility. My approach is caring and supportive, but firm and result oriented.

I will give you the tools to change your world.

Here and now therapy focuses on the issues at hand, their investigation, understanding and resolution. It is, at times, necessary to go back in history and life experience in order to understand current thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. The goal however is always to find practical solutions and promote change that leads to a fuller and happier life.



Private practice since 1992 ("Patricia Frell PsyD. P.A.")


You can check these licenses with Florida’s Department of Health for my credentials, my license information and history.

You can call them (850-488-0595) or check on-line:

Health Care License Verification

Use my last name Moransais and my first name Patricia for the psychology license. My nursing license is still in my maiden name: Frell.

You can also search by license number (PY4937 Psychology and RN832322 Registered Nurse).


There has been some confusion about my name.

Patricia Frell Moransais is my married name which I use as my official name.

Frell is my maiden name.

Patricia Frell PsyD. P.A. is the name of my company. The term P.A. means that the company is a "Professional Association" under Florida Statutes.